Weekend Summary

Weekend Summary:

Friday night was my wife's ad agency's office party. Every year, Brent Atterberry (nicest guy in the biz) invites the staff to dinner at a local restaurant to say thanks for the hard work. Dinner and company was fabulous–I had a filet mingon to die for.

Saturday was perfect–wake up late, drink coffee and read the local paper, then lunch–all with my wife. I don't usually get to spend slow mornings with Tammy so I savor every moment. We spent the afternoon decorating our Christmas tree, then we went out for the evening on a date, something that's still fun after 8 years together.

Sunday was easy, too. Brunch at Agrario, then work in the basement amassing a pile of stuff to donate to a local charity. We've both realized we have too much stuff we hold on to, so it's off to a better home. I spent the evening hours (up until now) working on a second computer for my side business. Worst part: system needed a bios update to accept a new DIMM. Can't run Win2K server on 64MB, no matter how hard you try… :>