BloggerCon meets the Heart of America

From Ed Cone:

Dave wants to take a road-show version of BloggerCon to San Francisco and maybe New York. Great idea, but I hate to see the rest of the country left on the other side of a digital divide. There's only one Dave, but there are a lot of us who have learned from him and with him, and we should be doing the same thing wherever we are.

I'd like to do something like BloggerCon here in Springfield, MO. Anyone from the area reading this? Looks like I'll be adding another project to the list and a category to the weblog. I'll need a blogosphere-known speaker that would be willing to come to Springfield for a two day conference. Some or all expenses would be paid through private donations or sponsorships. I'm thinking of doing this in conjunction with a couple of local not-for-profit organizations.

Springfield just built a 150,000 sq. ft. expo center. Wonder if I can get it cheap?