Intro by Berkman founder…gives Dave a book on Socrates.

Dave comes to the front and accepts with a smile. Discussing
reasons and purpose behind the conference. “Everything is on the
record”. Dave mentions that everything that we say is recorded
and for attribution unless stated otherwise, even in private

Ground rules: good and bad questions about weblogs, mainly discussed to emphasize “What is a weblog?”

Dave's “hot topics” as a discussion starter:

  • editing and weblogs (good, bad, right, wrong)
  • does it make sense for the NYTimes to have a weblog.
    Amusing discussion between NYTimes.com editor and Doc Searls after Doc
    says that the nytimes.com is not a weblog
  • Conferences as a weblog (people are live links and comments)
  • “Second Superpower”
  • Chris Lydon's interviews
  • Presidential Politcs and weblogs, the “Dean phenom” and it's connections to the internet and weblogs (what now, next steps)

Opinionated comments by me.

  • Adam Curry is here and has seemed to naturally sit in a spotlight.  (meant as an amusing comment, not mean)