BC–Ed's Panel

Ed Cone's panel:

  • Josh is discussing his Clark interview.  Ed posed the
    question “Why did your interview go on the weblog and not someplace
    else?”  Josh points out that the interview was couched from the
    beginning as web-destined.  “Never a question” it would be on the
    weblog in his mind.  Chose to not “sell” the interview. 
    Likes the control of the content, instant publishing allows for less
    scoops by other journalists.
  • Glenn Reynolds talks about why he thinks Instapundit has
    grown.  The influence of his September 11 reporting. 
    Emphasized the “linking” of his site by others.  Never had a
    marketing or business plans.  “Link to a lot of people”.100,000 hits a day.  Ed drops a clever joke about hits and Adam Curry and Amsterdam.
  • Scott is talking about “this thing called blogging” and how blogs
    are anti-structure and the “establishment” is all about structure, so
    there's a built-in conflict.  Discussing Salon as a blogging
    environment (he's an editor, managing editor, blogger and
    writer).  Mentions that one writer was offered a method to post
    without and editor, but the writer wanted the structure of the editor
    and works better that way.  Ed mentions his recent attendance at a
    shareholders meeting that was closed to the press, but he blogged it as
    a shareholder. 
  • New question:  “Where can weblogs go?”  Josh: 
    “allow journalists to.. Hunter S. Thompson…campaign blogs…there's
    cetrain contexts where you cna repeat what people say and some that you
    can not.”
  • Glenn:  “backstage” is a place where you can say what you want.  Some businesses can't function without a “backstage”.
  • Scott:  exposes the “backstage of journalism”
  • Multiple discussions about insiders and publishing, especially using disclosure as leverage.

Taking a break.  Can't keep up.