Daily Archives: November 20, 2007

Rosalyn Hart Remembered


My grandmother Rosalyn Hart died on November 9th and her memorial service is today. The picture above was taken in the early 1980’s at my grandparent’s house in Stotts City, MO, a place that we’ve all come to call special. Of all of the photos I’ve seen of Rosalyn in the last few years, this older photo says the most about her. She was a family person, quick with a smile for nearly any occasion, an avid reader and loved a good spy novel. It was my grandmother who got me hooked on [Clive Cussler](http://www.numa.net/clive_cussler.html) novels, reading copies from the local library in a hammock on summer nights.

From more than anyone before my wife, I learned about music from my grandparents. While Bob took a classic and “be bop” jazz approach, Rosalyn had more modern tastes. She encouraged me to listen to newer artists and be muscially open-minded.

Goodbye, Grandma. You’ll be dearly missed.