Daily Archives: November 17, 2007

Rocket Race on Halo 3

One o the best kept secrets of [Halo 3](http://bungie.net/halo3) is a game called Rocket Race. Generally played on one of two maps, Valhalla or Sand Trap, Rocket Race is a great social 8-player game. Four pairs of two player ride the new Mongoose vehicle on in a race from waypoint to waypoint. Waypoints are randomly activated, so after one team reaches a checkpoint, another random point is assigned. That leaves the teams scrambling to find a new direction to race towards.

Did I mention the rockets?

One person drives while the other has an infinite supply of rockets. The team’s VIP is the “rocket man” and is prevented from driving anything. Also, the VIP is the only one that can “score” by reaching a waypoint. That means that each team is desparately trying to rocket the other team out of the way. You’re invincible except for the ever-present assisnation attack or classic “beat down”.

This odd combination of parameters boils down to fun gameplay. No one can camp out and rack up kills like Team Crazy King (of the Hill) and it forces the two players to work together. I played with 7 other random people on Xbox Live today and enjoyed every minute.

Thanks Bungie!