A Head Covered in Hairy Conflict

I’m in conflict. I hate my hair and beard but I love them both too. Here’s some history:

Doug Guccione and Steve Kirks

I’m on the right in this photo. This is how I see myself–my mental picture–conservative, clean-cut with a bright smile on my face.


That’s me on my thirty-fifth birthday in 2005 at a backyard party when, even though it was too hot, we had a fire in the new firepit. I’m wearing an apron from that was a gift from Tammy and says “Will cook for sex.”

33rd Birthday

This one is my thirty-third birthday. Can you belive Tammy (pictured to my left) married a geek like me? This was also the last birthday I had with my parents at their old house on Churchill near Hickory Hills.


My favorite of all. Taken while I worked at [NuVox](http://nuvox.com) in 2004. I was also the product manager for [UserLand Software](http://userland.com) and was having a blast.

Now for the conflict:

In 2006 at DaZZee offices in Springfield

This is me in October of 2006, not even a year ago, when I had only been with [DaZZee](http://dazzee.com) a month. My hair was starting to lengthen and the beard was firmly entrenched. Pay no attention to the psycotic look on my face…

Steve with long hair in 2007

This is me today–so far. Stay tuned for a post tomorrow…

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  1. Wow… it’s almost as good as Tammy’s 40th b-day photo montage! I say…. buzz it!
    PS – are you going to come cheer us on Saturday morning? It’s the big T-R-I!

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