Day 3 summaries

Day 3 News:

Went to Newbury Street.  Correct spelling this time, thank
you.  Commuter rail to North Station, green line to
Arlington.  Top of stairs, ahead two blocks.  We made the
quick walk and headed straight for Armani.  Mmmm…. cashmire
everywhere.  Tried on an “unconstructed” sport coat that was over
$2500.  Wanted it, badly, but not that stupid.

(Sorry for the short sentences.  Very late, very very tired.)

Shopped for 6 hours straight on Newbury, took a cab to “Fan-y'all”, a
great center city Boston attraction.  Met ChianHwa, Jason's wife
and saw her (goregous) offices.  Took a 10 minute walk to the
North End and ate fab Italian at Il Panino.  I had the filet
migion and Tammy had a veal house special.  Both were easily the
best we'd had–no exaggeration.  Went around the corner to Mike's
Pastry (feat. on Food Network) and bought Tiramisu, canoli (sp.) and an
apple “thingy”.  All were good.

Headed for bead.  I'll be blogging during the day as the
conference unfolds.  I'll be hitting it hard for another 15 hours,
this time as a blogger-geek.