Daily Archives: September 28, 2003

It's late and I should be asleep

It's 10:58 here in Springfield and I am one tired individual. I've spent the afternoon chasing a problem that makes no sense to me anymore: Radio isn't working right.

My solution? Reinstall, restore from same day's backup. Hope that missing posts can someday come back.

I think that I will “restart” the blog after BloggerCon. I'll keep most of the content that is searched on, like “Weblogs and Customer Service” or “Open Letter to the RSS Community” (linked later).

Time for sleep. Two days until we leave for Boston. Haven't packed.

Neal Stephenson in Cambridge during BloggerCon!

Neal Stephenson wrote Cryptonomicon, a great book about spies, math and WWII. He recently started a trilogy, the first book is “Quicksilver”

Wednesday, October 08, 2003 07:00 PM

Neal Stephenson, will be promoting Quicksilver

Appears on/at: THE HARVARD COOP/Reading/Signing
1400 Massachussets Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02238
Tel: 617-499-2012 [harpercollins.com]

This is great! Time to get my copy and take it with me to BloggerCon!