Daily Archives: September 7, 2003

Always make a backup

I heeded some advice on Thursday last week. My little voice was telling me to make a backup of my Radio install. I stopped right then, shut Radio down, opened Stuffit Deluxe and archived the whole folder. I then copied the folder to different drive partition and restarted Radio. It was a good thing I did. (insert forboding music here)

I decided on Saturday (9-6) to open Matt Neuberg's book about Frontier and play a little. I thought I was being careful not to change anything, copying things to the workspace table before mucking about. Wrong. I did something somewhere and created an error rendering the weblog posts. This makes sense because I was reading the rendering code in Radio, trying to get an idea of how pages are rendered and when. This unfortunate mistake was just an annoyance. I killed the offending Radio, dumped it to the trash, opened the backup and unstuffed it. Restarted with the good Radio, and here we are.

Always make a backup…