My Grandfather's Accutron

My grandfather gave me his Bulova Accutron “SpaceView” watch about a year ago.  It's a great watch with a neat bit of history.  Here's a photo:

I left it with Rick McElvaine, owner of Maxon's Diamond Merchants here in Springfield last January with a plea for help:  find someone who could fix it.  Rick spent 8 months investigating the watch and finding someone withe right parts and creditials that could fix it.  The end result you see above, a beautiful watch restored to perfect running order.  The main coil, index wheel and crystal were replaced and I added the leather band, allowing me to wear it daily.

My grandfather received the watch as a Father's Day gift from his wife in 1966 and was worn daily until it sadly stopped working.  Parts had become non-existent and the original lead-acid batteries were nowhere to be found.

Bob, thanks for the opportunity to carry this watch into the future.  It's a delight to wear and a reminder of good times and the love of my grandparents.

Update:  Link to an Accutron source.