Monthly Archives: January 2012

SOPA Protest

Like many on, I’ve set my site to “blackout” to draw awareness to the internet censorship dangers of the SOPA and PIPA legislation in the US Congress.¬† Please visit the main page and read some of the information and act if you feel it’s important.

I do.

Starbucks VIA Brewer by Bodum

I picked up a Starbucks VIA brewer for $9.99 clearance price at my local Starbucks. I use the VIA packets on a regular basis and for ten bucks, I figured that the insulated tumbler would be worth the price alone. I was correct! Read on for details:


The brewer will heat the water to about 175 degrees(F) in about 4 minutes. That’s the time for 16 ounces of water which is the recommended amount for two packets of VIA brew.


The tumbler is a rare one–perfect for me and works as advertised. Keeps the coffee hot for about three hours, going down to 135 degrees(F) over that time. It’s slightly tapered, double-walled stainless steel with a lid that doesn’t leak at all. Rare, indeed!

Good buy at $10–pick one up if you can.

Blog 365 — Day 2

Today was wrap up day after a long time off from work. Tammy and I both enjoyed time with each other, but we miss the routine of regular work schedules.

I have only four work days this week, then I’m flying to Orlando, FL on Monday for work. I’ll be home on Thursday so maybe Tammy and I will have a date next Friday!

Target Store remodel in Springfield, MO

My wife and I were at Target here in Springfield and wondered about the large construction tent outside. A quick check of the city building permits and a chat with a Target worker told us what we needed to know: remodel!

Our Target is getting new produce and refrigerated cases plus an air conditioning upgrade. The goal is to convert our store to something called ‘PFresh’, an internal designation that corresponds to a larger grocery selection. Based on some quick research on Wikipedia this was an effort started a couple of tears ago.

This could be in response to a new HyVee store that opened in 2011 plus two Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market stores opening later this year.