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Starbucks VIA Brewer by Bodum

I picked up a Starbucks VIA brewer for $9.99 clearance price at my local Starbucks. I use the VIA packets on a regular basis and for ten bucks, I figured that the insulated tumbler would be worth the price alone. I was correct! Read on for details:


The brewer will heat the water to about 175 degrees(F) in about 4 minutes. That’s the time for 16 ounces of water which is the recommended amount for two packets of VIA brew.


The tumbler is a rare one–perfect for me and works as advertised. Keeps the coffee hot for about three hours, going down to 135 degrees(F) over that time. It’s slightly tapered, double-walled stainless steel with a lid that doesn’t leak at all. Rare, indeed!

Good buy at $10–pick one up if you can.

Blog 365 — Day 2

Today was wrap up day after a long time off from work. Tammy and I both enjoyed time with each other, but we miss the routine of regular work schedules.

I have only four work days this week, then I’m flying to Orlando, FL on Monday for work. I’ll be home on Thursday so maybe Tammy and I will have a date next Friday!