Target Store remodel in Springfield, MO

My wife and I were at Target here in Springfield and wondered about the large construction tent outside. A quick check of the city building permits and a chat with a Target worker told us what we needed to know: remodel!

Our Target is getting new produce and refrigerated cases plus an air conditioning upgrade. The goal is to convert our store to something called ‘PFresh’, an internal designation that corresponds to a larger grocery selection. Based on some quick research on Wikipedia this was an effort started a couple of tears ago.

This could be in response to a new HyVee store that opened in 2011 plus two Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market stores opening later this year.

1 thought on “Target Store remodel in Springfield, MO

  1. A Target near us expanded in this way, and I remember not being very impressed by the selection. Didn’t seem like they had much or any in the way of locally produced or organic (where it counts). To me it seemed like an effort to one-up Walmart in style, but not necessarily in substance.

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