Day 19: Fitness not diet

I’m coming up on three weeks and I’m holding steady with my new habits. I’ve had to slow down on somethings because there’s just not enough time in the day. Here’s my typical schedule:

5:00AM – out of bed, get dressed for a work out, try to wake up
5:30AM – start a 45 minute workout followed by 30 minutes of cardio
7:00AM – arrive back at home, rush a shower and shave, find a suit to wear
7:20AM – hit the road to work
8:00AM – arrive at work
5:15PM – hit the road to home
6:00PM – arrive at home, help to fix dinner

This is where is starts to break down. Dinner’s usually ready at 6:30 and we’re done eating a bit after 7:00. That gives me 2 hours to study or spend time with Tammy or even prep things for next day. By 9:30PM I need to be in bed to start this all over again.

Whew! Studying has become something I try to squeeze in at lunch and that doesn’t work each day. Working in Branson means that I don’t get to help with any of the errands of life like changing the oil in my car, picking up dry cleaning or going to the bank. All of those things are in Springfield.

So far, it’s all been worth it. I’ve kicked my sugar cravings and the emotional roller coaster that goes with it. That’s something, right?