Day 11: The Streak

Right now, I’m on a streak. I feel like there’s a sign above my head that says “11 days without being lazy” I’ve managed to keep my appointments at the gym and dress more professionally. I’ve also learned a couple of things I that surprised me:

1. I don’t crave sweets any more. Sure, I wouldn’t mind a chocolate chip cookie or even junk food like a Twinkie, but the reasons for eating it are gone. Off like a light switch. Outta here. I’ve stopped eating out of the candy bowl at work and stopped drinking diet soda. Just like that, my moods leveled and so did my sugar cravings.

2. Wearing a suit all day makes people treat me differently. For example, I stopped last Thursday at the Wal-Mart in Ozark for groceries since it was on the way home. Most people stared politely, wondering why a guy in a suit shops at Wal-Mart. At work, things have changed a little, mostly with personal interactions. When I say things now, the reactions are a bit different.

3. My sleep cycle changed in about a week, so now I’m waking up right about 5AM. Also, with the change in caffeine and sugar intake, I have a better workout and recover faster. I’m taking vitamins when I get to work and I think that’s helping my food cravings too.

I’m trying to focus on the momentum. Mainly I keep telling myself that since I’ve gone this far, there’s no reason to quit. Honestly, it is exhausting, but I can’t think of anyone more worth the effort. 🙂