It’s tough to feel sorry for yourself for too long when the times are rough for so many people. I found many of the folks that I work with carry burdens, some are just not as obvious. To all who struggle this season–keep your chin up and find at least one thing for which you can be thankful.

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Hey Steve,

    Long time no chat. Your post showed up in Plaxo or somewhere, and I realized I hadn’t checked out your blog for a while. Sorry to hear about the lost job and all the stress coming just as you’re buying a house. Home purchases are stressful enough without the looming economic issues, and the adding the job stuff, I can imagine how tough it is.

    Of course we all know people who have or have had it worse than ourselves, but that’s only some consolation when the burden is on ourselves to pull through tough times.

    Here in/around Redmond, we’re hunkered down until the housing prices stabilize. They will, but it’s probably gonna be another year or two.

    On the lighter side, it probably wasn’t a bad time to buy, assuming you can stick it out where you are for a couple of years. 🙂

    Anyway, hope things get easier for you soon. Give a call sometime if you feel like it — I’d love to catch up. My number is still the same, and weekday afternoons are the best time.


    1. Thanks Jake. Things are rough but not really bad by most standards. A bigger house means bigger expenses so the hit to our finances has been hard. We’re staying in the house for the rest of our foreseeable future, so it’s likely that we’ll never sell. That said, when considering the neighborhood and a few other factors, we’ll be back in equity pretty quick.

      More in email later…take care….

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