I’m hording some frustration. Anyone want some extra?

This year, our finances have taken a huge hit. I lost my job at daZZee when they shut down their Springfield office, but picked up a new job, all at a time when the economy was showing it’s first signs of stress. I bought a new house and started that new job all in the same month and at one point, I really didn’t think I could handle the stress.

I watched my savings disappear. All of it. I used it to pay bills and get one house sold while buying another. All of those events conspired to put me in one place–on the margins. That leaves me frustrated.

I can’t dig out of my hole as fast as I would like. I can’t sacrafice or cut very much more than I have. I’m frustrated at so many things in my life that yesterday, I could not think straight. Seriously. I could barely string together two thoughts. I constantly lost my train of thought, forcing me to start my work over and over again.

I’m happy with who I am and what I’m doing. I just not happy with the way I got here. I certainly don’t know how to get away from this–the crushing debt, the fear of job loss, the pressure to be and act normal.

Frustrating. Better than a different f-word, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Frustration

    1. Thanks for the note Scott. I’ve spent the time since I wrote this trying to find blessings to count and have come up with several. Your comment really helped me keep things in perspective.

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