Radio UserLand Update – AppleEvents and Universal Binaries

I got some email from yesterday’s short post about working with the [Frontier]( kernel project to make a Radio UserLand UB. Here’s some answers to those questions:

* The UserLand Software license currently applied to Radio seems to allow the software to be used with another kernel application as long as it’s properly licensed.

* The source code of the kernel project contains all of the code you need to build a Radio UserLand application and it has from Day 1. That means that the Radio UserLand **kernel** is as much “open source” as Frontier.

* UserLand Software (the current version) is still the legal copyright owner of the product name “Radio UserLand” and the root file code is still “closed source”.

* If I get this to work at all, I’m going to suggest that UserLand make the open-source kernel the one for Radio and sell hosting and application upgrades for their yearly $40.