Daily Archives: April 1, 2007

Scripting News == 10 years old

Dave Winer’s [Scripting News](http://scripting.com) turns 10 years old today. The screen shot at the left is what you see today, a snapshot of the weblog on it’s birthday. Dave even took the time to refresh the links–some going to the [Wayback Machine](http://web.archive.org) and others still up and working.

Dave Winer has been a web leader, pushing people and technology in a direction that sometimes only he can see. While several people were working toward or on technology for weblogs, I list Dave Winer as the father of the modern weblog. He encouraged an older generation of technology professionals to build and maintain weblogs, helping to establish the credibility of the environment. In turn, services like Blogger and MovableType and WordPress reinforced his foundation.

Thanks Dave and Happy Birthday to Scripting News!