Daily Archives: April 27, 2007

Brand New Tammy

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang: “Since we have vision insurance (for the first time) and my old glasses were almost 2 years old, I decided to invest in some new frames. I went out of my normal zone and opted for wire frames with rimless bottoms.”

Click over to see the great picture of Tammy with new glasses and (bonus!) new shorter hair. She looks fantastic!

Adobe open sources Flex

Ted Leung on the air: “Last week while I was in San Francisco, I sat down for an hour with David Wadhwani, the VP of product development for Flex and Ely Greenfield, one of the Flex architects. After I wrote my original post about open sourcing Flash, I got a note from David asking if I would be willing to spend some time to help him understand the issues that I raised in that post and its follow ons. This afternoon David called to tell me that Adobe was announcing that it was open sourcing Flex v3. I was especially happy when he said that my posts and our conversation had an impact on his thinking about open source and Flex. There is a press release with the announcement as well as a FAQ on the basics.”