Panic introduces Coda

Today I bought a piece of software sight unseen. [Panic]( came out with a new all-in-one web editor called [Coda]( that looks fantastic. I already own Transit, their wonder file transfer software so I knew that this would be good. I got halfway through [Steven’s blog post]( about the features when I skipped to the bottom and read “For a limited time, Coda is available for as low as $69 to existing Transmit 3 owners.”

That was all it took.

I bought the license and installed the software. I guess that was a mistake because Coda behaved very oddly until I did the expected: ran the app, quit the app, restart the app and feed it a serial number, quit the app after verification, restart the app and import the bookmarks from Transit, quit the app, restart the app and begin editing.

I expect stuff like that in a “one point oh” product. What I didn’t expect was that I could immediately be useful right out of the box. When you press a toolbar button or select a menu choice, it makes sense and the action is expected–no surprises.

I’ll be redoing [Tammy’s website]( in the next few months, so this will be trial run. After that, it’s on to some new WordPress templates for the both of us.