Agrario Hits Home Run With Spring 2007 Menu

Eric Zachrison, owner and creative driver behind Agrario, Patton Alley Pub and Hickok’s, let loyal patrons and regular folks taste his Spring 2007 menu last night. A reservation only affair, Eric treated us to four small courses with portions of his signature dishes. The appetizer course was garlic shrimp, spanekopita (sp) and a Moroccan chicken skewer–all good ways to get started. The salads were perfect for spring with just enough spice and flavor to wake up the taste-buds but not spoil you for the main course.

This tasting, the main course was a generous sample of three dishes–chef’s choice. Tammy and I got lucky and scored a portion of the new halibut dish. It was amazing! I am ready to move steak down on the list and this halibut at the top. It was so good that I asked for another portion–offering to pay, of course–and it was out in a flash.

The halibut will go for $26.00 and it’s well worth it. The spice combination is beyond what most semi-pro chefs could pull of and the quality of the fish far surpasses anything us mere mortals can access.

I can’t leave off desert. An orange citrus crème brulee was Tammy’s lucky draw and she loved every bite.

Stop by Agrario today in it’s original downtown location before it heads south later this year. The atmosphere and service make the drive well worth it.

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