Please go the speed limit

To all drivers:

Please try to drive the speed limit. Don’t drive 30 miles an hour when the speed limit is 40. Others behind you may be trying to get somewhere quickly and count on traffic moving along at the prescribed speed.

In other words, hang up your phone, quit gawking (“Look Martha, there’s the Steak and Ale!”) and drive like you have a brain.

1 thought on “Please go the speed limit

  1. Most drivers in town do know how to drive, so here are some tips for those who forgot…..
    Know your turn at a four way stop. Not knowing its your turn and waving everyone else through to be courteous is enraging to the ten cars behind you. Regardless of who is turning or going straight, the car that arrives and stops at the intersection has the right of way! Period. Quit the wavy wave through.
    Tip two: if you are the first car at the a stoplight, it is YOUR SOLE job to watch the light, not fiddle with the radio or fries or your new bluetooth headset. Once that first person goes, more people get through the light, and traffic gets less backed up. Now when you are 5 cars back, its ok to do whatever because you will have time to see traffic moving and not hold up everyone else if it takes you a second to get going.
    These are the two worst offenses in Springfield. I like living in a smaller town, big ciy road rage is insane. But c’mon sheeple, dont forget how to drive!

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