Daily Archives: February 18, 2007

Pining for a new UserTalk environment

I used to work with a great scripting language and runtime called [Frontier](http://frontierkernel.org) (and it’s cousin [Radio](http://radio.userland.com) and after leaving it behind, I miss it. It was cross-platform, simple in it’s method of execution and was self-contained with the app handling the database, threads, scheduling and the language interpreter.

I can’t use it anymore because of bad history and memories, but mostly because the product has died on the vine. A group of intelligent and dedicated people maintain what’s left–commercially as UserLand Software ([Manila](http://manila.userland.com) and [Radio](http://radio.userland.com)) and an open-source [Frontier kernel](http://frontierkernel.org) project.

I want a new implementation of the UserTalk environment, written from scratch and cross-platform. I want the database, the language interpreter, and the scheduler. The outliner would be an option. I don’t want any code from the old software to prevent the new users suffering the mistakes and legacy of the past.

Can it be done?

I think so. It would be simple to write some code to perform the action of single verb, so maybe the first place to start is generate a library of verbs. What language to use? What about the user interface? What can be used that will work for Windows and Macs too?