Day 4 Without Power

As a modern human, one tends to forget just how much we rely on electricity. Right now, my house temperature is 41ËšF and there’s little hope that we’ll see power restored before Friday this week. I’m typing this post and uploading via my Sprint Treo 650 acting as a Bluetooth modem, another reminder of what life was like before DSL.

Man, it’s *too easy* to forget the past and take the benefits of today for granted. Never having been this kind of mass disaster victim, I couldn’t identify with them. This week, I’ve learned that lesson and it’s one that I won’t soon forget.

I’m going to figure out a way to go solar with some of my heating and power needs so this won’t happen to me in the future. Heating a home to 60ËšF with solar would be easier than living on the prayer that my free electricity at my friends house doesn’t give out.

See, that’s the worst of it. I’m safe now, but it could change at any moment. A sickening feeling, for sure. The low temp tonight is 9ËšF and we won’t see temps above freezing until Friday. I’m praying for the electric company work crews.