Daily Archives: January 10, 2007

Save your iPhone commentary

Unless you’ve had real “hands-on” time with the iPhone, save your comments about it. Don’t say anything about it’s data performance, battery life, WiFi or hard drive size. You haven’t used it, it’s not a shipping product and the software isn’t even finished. How can you make an informed opinion? Don’t leave comments on websites that say “it doesn’t even do ‘X’ so it sucks”.


Get a clue.

6 Minutes of Marketing Hell

The Cingular CEO took 6 minutes out of the Macworld keynote to ramble about AT&T, Cingular and partnerships. It was the perfect example of how *not* to do a keynote speech with Steve. They guy came out with 4″x6″ cards for crying out loud.

If you watch the iPhone part of the keynote, it starts at 1:08:00. Watch it and cringe.