Daily Archives: January 19, 2007

Mayor eliminates some red tape during the outage

Usually the city requires a certified electrician to repair weatherheads–the place that your electrical line connects to your house or building–and that’s been a concern. Today, the mayor said that “the City would not be an impediment to getting your electricity back on” which was great to hear.

Normally, the city utility wouldn’t hook up/reconnect/power up your electrical connection unless a certified electrician inspected the weatherhead and the city approved it. The mayor signed a proclamation that helps to eliminate much of the certification process. That’s not to say that the rest of the inspection isn’t needed, but at least for the next 30 days, a competent electrician can get “certified” by the city and get people helped.

The reason this is so important is underscored in this example:

Four homes are powered by one transformer. Three of the homes have no weatherhead damage but one does. The three homes that are fine would have to wait until the fourth house is fixed before getting power back.

I’m in that situation now. On person has to get their weatherhead fixed and based on what I’ve seen, I won’t get power for at least another week.

I want to cry.

Tales of Power Woe

Zarah writes of her sixth day without power: “Luckily we’ve got a warm place to stay, but I’m worried about the pipes freezing, and it’s really inconvenient not to be in your own house, and now they’re saying on the news that thieves are breaking into the darkened homes, so I’m worried about that too.”

I can sympathize. We’re on day seven with no real end in site and snow is definitely on the way. As far as looters, two police cars caught someone in our neighborhood last night–doing who knows what–and it required two police cars to get them “moving along”.

As far as patience, I’m out of it. I’m not angry with the utilities or the work crews, but I need to go back to my routine out of concern for my sanity. One of our cats cried all night, keeping Tammy and I from getting more than an hour of sleep at a time. Now I know how new parents must feel…