Ridiculous iPhone Headline

[This headline from TechWeb News](http://www.techweb.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=196900694) is so insane that I won’t read the article out of spite. Why on *earth* would a consumer product like a cell phone/iPod hybrid make a lick of difference to an IT department at a company?

Are there no editors with integrity left?


Author: warwick

I'm a network architect in Springfield, MO. I like clever uses of technology whether it's in a data center or the kitchen of my house.

One thought on “Ridiculous iPhone Headline”

  1. Silly, yah. Not sure how “silly article concept” translates into a lack of editorial integrity tho. A better story would have been how much time employees might spend using iPhones to goof off. It’s the next Gmail Chat as far as losing productivity.

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