One of these things is not like the other

Steve in 2004As some of you may know, a lot of things changed for me in the last four months. I got a new job, a professional certification, an office of my own (yeah!) and most of all a new look. The photo you see at the beginning of the post is a picture of me from 2004 that I used on my weblog for years. It is also a pretty accurate “self image” or what I expect to see in the mirror each morning and indeed, has been exactly that for 30 some years. I’ve looked this way since maybe high school where my hair was very standard: short, cropped, parted, boring.

I don’t look like that any more.

Steve in 2006

I’ve worn my hair long now for six months and added a beard at the same time, two things I’ve never done in my thirty-six years of life. I’ve had bad moments with the hair, wondering if I look like a “hippie” or just a sloppy head floating inside a sweater. While this isn’t the best picture of me, it’s pretty representative of what I look like today. I catch myself, from time to time, looking at a stranger in the mirror. It’s a little disconcerting, to say the least. Overall, I’ve decided that I like the new look and the new me. Last Thursday, Tammy and I went to Chesterfield Eye Works and I picked out a new pair of glasses and new dark lenses for my old frames. I’ll upload some new photos when they arrive.

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  1. You’re a hottie! While I’m not a fan of facial hair, I have to say this is a great look for you. I think you look hipper and younger than before.

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