Daily Archives: January 8, 2004

I've been on technology overload throughout the last couple of days. My brain needs some time to “slow down”, so I'm unplugging for the rest of the week. See you this weekend. I'll try to catch up on my TiVo “Now Playing” list…

Dave's Social Experiment

“Dave” has been running a social experiment to evangelize the uses of OPML and to lead aggregator developers to standardization. As a side effect, the OPML contributors have been asking for more data about their ad-hoc social groups. I'm one of those clammoring for more.

I made an observation that I want to share with everyone. Of those on my list of subscriptions, the people that I read/comment/converse with most often are those that have the some of the lowest readership. Dann Sheridan is a great example. Of those that have contributed to the site, six subscribe to his feed, self included.

Maybe subscription rank is not an indication of importance.

Just “thinking out loud”…

Who Subscribes? (updated)

update: Found out that Rogers Cadenhead subscribes, but prefixes the domain with 'www'. Thanks, Rogers! Also, some have not shared who subscribes to what sites, so there are others not counted here. To all, again, thank you.

I'd like to thank six very nice people for reading my RSS feed. Dann's was one of my first; Sean's old “dot.communist” I was attracted to by the title. I read both still for the same reason: recurring and compelling content.

Thanks, RSS feed readers. If you haven't contributed over there yet, please do so. Sign up and submit your feed