Dave's a celebrity? (via Doc Searls)

Doc Searls points to Jimmy's post (links below).

Word out.

Jimmy Guterman in Business 2.0 (subscription required):

…In a world where millions blog regularly, pundits like Lawrence Lessig, Clay Shirky, and Dave Winer aren't celebrities anymore….

My corollary to the first one: Conceiving the Net in static real estate terms [~] “sites” that are “under construction,” for example [~] will give way to more journalistic concepts. Writing. Posting. Linking. Replying. Commenting. Answering. Sourcing.

A whole new world of verbs and verbiage.

[The Doc Searls Weblog]

Doc, I snipped out some of the quote from Jimmy to highlight the one sentence from his quote about “Dave”. Dave Winer won't be a celebrity, but more of a weblog cultural leader, a more befitting position for someone of his (and frankly your) stature. I've never considered the Lessigs, Searls and Pilgrims celebrities, but voices speaking with authority. Will these voices continue to “carry the crowd” in 2004? Dave's will, I'm sure. I hope yours does, too.