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Thanksgiving 2008 on the smoker

[Two years ago](http://www.houseofwarwick.com/2006/11/23/thanksgiving-birds-on-the-smoker/) I did a couple of 13lb turkeys on the smoker and it was a huge hit. This year we’ll be doing more of the same and I won’t change much in the way of process or spices. I’ll probably be able to use more Northwoods (a Penzey’s spice blend) because I’m more confident about it’s flavors, but at least I won’t have the thawing problem like last time.

It’s 10:30PM the night before and I’m running through the mental checklist of items I need. So far I’m doing good and the prep time for the rest of the dishes will just about match the cook time of the turkeys.

What are you cooking tomorrow?