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iTunes Match is great

I enabled iTunes Match last night on our account and our home Mac dutifully uploaded 14,000+ songs overnight.  It was still working on some of the songs and the album artwork today.  I’m listening to “Blair’s List”, a custom iTunes playlist from the home machine, curated by my brother-in-law the orthodontist and music expert.  In the background, my iPhone is downloading (streaming) songs from the cloud as needed.

Way better than storing all of that on my phone.  Way, way better.  It “just works”.

“Boom” as Steve Jobs would have said…


Lately, I’ve been playing more iPhone games since the time for the Xbox has been completely consumed by Rock Band. I’ll save that story for another post.

Fieldrunners for the iPhone is a tower defense game where enemies come from one side of the screen and try to exit on the other. Your job is to prevent that from happening using a wide array of tools. The version 1.2 update adds many cool weapons and improves gameplay significantly. I’m updating now and looking forward to the first 10 minutes of “free time” I can find