Initial thoughts: Flying the PMDG 777

I bit the bullet last night and purchased the PMDG 777 add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  It’s nearly $100 and worth *every* penny.  Here’s some initial impressions: I now know why PMDG charges what they do.  From the installation experience to the docs and the actual flight, it’s clear they made a silk purse […]

iOS 7: Steve’s Take

Tammy and I traded up to the iPhone 5 a couple months ago, knowing new phones were in the pipeline.  I had a pretty good idea where things were going, and the “5S” to be was still mostly a mystery.  I figured a solid “5” in the hand was a better choice.  Now, with iOS […]


I don’t write much here anymore and that’s OK.  I usually wait until I have something important to say. Yesterday was my 17th wedding anniversary.  Looking back, it’s the longest time I’ve spent committed to anything or anyone in my entire life.  I can’t imagine living life any other way. My wife, Tammy, wrote a […]

Favorite ATC Phrases

I listen to live air traffic control audio to relax.  Yes, I’m weird.  Most of the time, I’m lurking on the Las Vegas Approach/Departure feed on LiveATC.  Favorite phrases: “Descend via the Sunset 3 Arrival” “Caution Wake Turblance” Bonus–sometimes they have to control USAF traffic out of Nellis as they enter and exit Las Vegas […]

Hard Drives Fail

So, what’s your backup strategy? Do you have one? Luckily, I did because the two year old hard drive in our home iMac failed on September 1st.  I’ve had a Time Machine backup drive in place for awhile (with backups on that drive back to March of 2011!) so we lost a grand total of […]

Vintage Audio Gear and Updates

I’ve been working to update my vintage audio gear stack and I had a big score about a week ago.  I was able to score a Grado Gold1 — a high-end cartridge and stylus combo — for about half of it’s normal price.  I quickly moved it to our primary turntable, a Pioneer PL300, and […]