Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda – interviewed by Matt Haughey

I read this and now realize why open software and systems are so important.

We all stand on the shoulders of the generation before. This is true in EVERY medium. Writers, Artists, Programmers, Engineers. The trend in the last few decades to lock everything down… be it with rivets and welds, or with patents and copyrights that never expire… we’re crippling the next generation. The joy I felt being able to gut a PC, from the hard drive to the kernel during my formative years… you’re right: an iPad is amazing. I own one and love it. But what I got out of my first PCs in the 80s was more than what my kid will get out of an iPad today. I’m not trying to wax nostalgic, but there’s a potentially dark future out there. We’re crippling the next generation in the name of quarterly profits. Creativity and innovation requires more balance.

Your iPad may be awesome, but will the technology children of this generation have a desire to build one for their generation?  What will be the iPad of 2020?

Attribution:  Found at Webstock via Pinboard.

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  1. I like to look back on the early days of PC Building and think of it as an inane distraction. There was so much time, so many cycles burned on getting the hardware to do what you needed to do to then create. Now we have tools that free users to create real stuff. That’s why Apple is winning.

    Hey, is it snowing on your blog??

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