What to do with a weblog?

Reading weblogs through the magic of RSS, I tend to be a bit behind sometimes. An old online friend [Matt Mower talked of making changes to his weblog](http://matt.blogs.it/entries/00002998.html) and that got me thinking of the same thing. At one time, back in 2003, this weblog was a big part of my identity. “house of warwick” means something to me, but not to many others. I’ve had stevekirks.com for quite some time and it seems to make sense to move content over there. I’d like to move to something hosted by others since it’s also out of fashion to run your own server. Frankly, I’ve got other things to do.

Setting all of that aside, it’s a matter of economics that keeps me where I am. I can’t afford to spend the time to make wholesale changes to the site or it’s structure and the money remains a factor. It costs more to host with wordpress.com then it does to host your own–and it should since they are doing the hard work. At some point I’m going to have to decide is the time I would spend worth the money. I’m leaning toward “yes”.

Back to the disposition of houseofwarwick.com…

I’m thinking it should be boxes that represent window panes through which to peep and spectate on my world. A box for Twitter, one for Facebook, another for long pieces of writing like this, may others for pictures.