Weekend Work

Like many people, I work Monday through Friday and have weekends off. I try not to take it for granted and so I use my weekends to give back to the nice house that takes care of me during the week. That means I mow the lawn, kill weeds and do little “fix up” chores to keep the house happy. It makes my regular work week nights trouble-free.

This weekend I’m confronted with many choices, the first of which was the water softener. It was hungry for salt so a quick trip to Dillon’s for pellets solved that problem. We actually fixed the whole setup about a month ago and then a minor adjustment two weeks later got it working just fine. The lack of hard water buildup on the shower door was the most obvious benefit. Dishes look better coming out of the dishwasher and clothes that are left to dry don’t end up with odd white rings.

Ahh, much better.