Trying for a new Steve

Its May 1st and Im taking some steps to create a new me. Today I give up soda, a drink thats lost its charm with me awhile ago. Ive also taken steps to control my food and blood sugar, to avoid the cliché of the overweight IT guy. Finally, Im committed to taking a new certification test by the end of the month. What better way to give myself a Happy Birthday gift?

3 thoughts on “Trying for a new Steve

  1. Hooray! You know I’m your biggest cheerleader. If I can give up soda, I know you can. Good luck and feel free to call me throughout the day when you’re having willpower issues! We can do this together.

  2. Good luck with all of your projects. Which certification test are studying for? I have my last test for my ACSA certification tomorrow, and then it’s on to the CCNA.

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