Mac OS X Leopard on an eMac from 2003

I’ve been working on our old eMac, a Mac that we bought in 2003 when Tammy was a student at Missouri State. It was our primary computer until last year when I replaced it with an iMac with an LCD screen, picked up used from the guys at daZZee where I worked. Yesterday, I installed Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) on the hard drive and it’s amazing how usable it is.

The eMac has only 768MB of RAM but an upgrade to 2GB would be easy. It uses a standard 3.5″ ATA hard drive and those are getting a bit scarce, but it’s 80GB and has plenty of usable space. I’ll replace temporary CD-ROM with a DVD burner later this week after a bit of research.

Overall, the machine has plenty of snap. It’s perfect for the day-to-day email, web surfing and iLife apps. Since it’s older, some newer software won’t run on the G4 chip, but that’s not much of an issue. It’s tempting to keep it and use it until it breaks down.