Blogging System Ideas

So I want a different blogging system and here’s the basic requirements

* I need to be able to create generic text files and have them automatically rendered into HTML using templates.
* I want the automation to be simple enough to write in almost any scripting language
* The workflow should be write a file, save it, let the automation see it/render it/upload it

3 thoughts on “Blogging System Ideas

  1. You’re asking for something round that rolls — someone’s already invented the tool you need. It’s called a wheel.

    Having written a site or two, why does it have to be separate files? Why not a MySQL (or similar) database with a front-end? Why not a fileshare for the images (and PDF/Word/PowerPoint documents) with a TinyMCE wrapper to provide a UI similar to a lightly-featured word processor? Bare Naked Ladies said it best: It’s all been done before.

    PHP is simple enough to wrap the database layer and presentation into a few lines of code, and, with the data stored in a database, Bob’s your uncle. To make updates, you can go to a site, edit the entry, and hit publish — which can be done with simple forms and database insert/update/delete scripts.

    You really want a database. Once it’s (the data, in whatever “raw” form) in the database, the next time the site presents the page, PHP digests it up and it’s all done.

    The Wheel. Ask for it by name.

    30 TLS

  2. I specificly don’t want a database. I want to store the data in my local file system and render the content locally. Then I want it automaticly uploaded to the website. I would consider a db for local interaction, but the remote has no practical need for a db.

  3. Hey Steve!

    This is the Branson Missouri blogger throwing a heads up.

    I’ve been reading your site for years and have watched your personal transition from tech evangelist to journalist.

    Here’s my 2 pennies

    You’re a tech guy; perhaps, you should look at technology from a business perspective. Ask yourself, “Which platforms are going to become more robust in the next few years?” and “How can I integrate these emerging technologies developed by solid companies with the flexibility and curiosity I have with tweaking code?

    Keep up the hard work and innovation!

    I’m looking forward to watching this plot develop.

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