Random Updates

Here’s the short list of what’s going on in my brain.

>I want a new website framework and I miss [Frontier](http://frontier.userland.com). WordPress is overkill for writing a basic weblog and the maintenance is a little much for me. If I’m using plain text files that can be rendered locally and uploaded with a cron job, then TimeMachine can back it up without a hassle.

>I had to order more RAM and a larger hard drive for my work computer. 80GB doesn’t cut it any more and I’ve tried everything to make it happen. I used Monolingual to cut out all of the non-English app resources. I reduced the amount of music and video on the drive. I deleted extra apps that I didn’t need. I even moved my VMware files to an external portable drive. That move made the biggest difference but the risk of carrying so much important data on the external drive made me nervous. I moved everything back to the internal drive and ordered a 160GB drive (plus a 1GB RAM chip) from Other World Computing. The drive is a used/pulled drive and the RAM is the same. The benefit was the price: $15 for the RAM and $60 for the drive. Considering the machine is two years old and for work, I’ve got to make do with what I have and get upgrades as cheaply as possible.

>I’ve switched cars with Tammy for a couple of weeks. The Accord is getting awful gas mileage in town (16MPG) and I need to spend time with it to see if it’s driving habits or something else. I travel for work enough that I get a solid mix of highway and city miles so I should see a difference. Also, the Fit is getting too many miles on the odometer in a short time. This should help.