Exercise and Food Update

So I’ve been working out with Pavel for about two months.  I’d say that half of that time, not consecutive, I’ve been sick in one way or another.  For the last two weeks, I’ve been eating Prednisone and antibiotics, trying to kill the remnants of a flu virus.  I’d say it’s worked.

An unintended side effect has been my appetite and my stamina.  Stamina has dropped by 50% and I’m hungry all the time.  The most frustrating part has been the last week with Pavel, trying to get some of his “brain share” and work on goals.

I’m going to have to eat like an Olympic athlete for most of the summer.  I’m headed for 10% body fat, a realistic but “stretch” goal.  All I really want to do is 25 pull ups and 50 push ups without stopping.  It’s something I could do when I was in the Navy, but then again, I weighed 175 pounds and looked like I had one step in a grave.  Boot Camp was great for weight loss, but did nothing for muscle growth.