A New Car for a new year

It’s 2008 and it’s time I got a new car. We picked up a new Honda Fit Sport from the local Honda dealership yesterday. It’s a fantastic car with all of the things I’ve been looking for: inexpensive to maintain, reliable, practical, more usable space and fun to drive.

Here’s a picture from the Honda webiste.

The Sport model comes with some cool add-ons like fog lights, spoilers at the front and above the hatch, an upgraded stereo with a port to connect your iPod and aluminum wheels. This particular car had some dealer added options like floor mats, cargo tray and bumper protector plus wheel locks.

The hardest part was making the decision to leave the old car behind. It still pulls at my heart as I write this. The 1996 Honda Civic that I drove everyday was the first purchase that Tammy I and made as a married couple. The car was 110% of what we expected. It consistently got 30-35MPG from the first tank to the last. Parts and labor to replace things were inexpensive and far between. The most expensive thing we did was replace the timing belt and water pump and we did that only because I was concerned about the age–11 years since new.

Change is sometimes hard for me, especially when there are emotions attached. The Civic had become more than a car. It became a symbol of our marriage and like a wedding ring, it’s not the kind of thing that’s easily replaced.

Goodbye Civic. You’ll be missed.

Hello Fit! Welcome to the family.

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