Five things you may not know about me

Since I got tagged by Dwight, here’s my list of things you may not know about me:

1. I know what a Xenon decay constant is. I spent 4.5 years in the US Navy in the nuclear power program learning how the Navy uses nuclear power on board it’s ships. The training facilities are incredible and there a things about them I just can’t say, but they are fantastic. It ended badly, mainly due to my immaturity, but I retained most of the knowledge, the learning techniques and an honorable discharge.

2. I used to get late-night phone calls from Crispen Glover in 1991. He read me (and my roommate Bert) weird poetry.

3. I am afraid of rabbits in the way that most people are afraid of snakes. Put one within five feet of me and I get nervous. If it gets within three feet, I’ll get up and move. I can’t tell you why but I feel like they are about to leap at my neck and bite into my jugular vein. Seriously.

4. I’ve helped pull a newborn calf from the mother’s birth canal, once with a winch device called a “come a-long”. It’s just as gross as it sounds.

5. I am irrationally shameful that I never went to college. I somehow feel like less of a success because I didn’t pay through the nose for four years of lectures and hazing. I can’t shake it–no matter what my achievements–and I consider it one of my character flaws.


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I manage a team of professional technical consultants for a Fortune 100 company. I like clever uses of technology whether it's in a data center or the kitchen of my house.

One reply on “Five things you may not know about me”

  1. 1) Impressive!
    2) Kind of creepy…
    3) Too much Monty Python/Holy Grail.
    4) Ick!
    5) Get over it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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