Daily Archives: October 10, 2006

Martin OM-15 Guitar

Cool Tools: “I’ve owned and played professionally close to a hundred fine instruments in the 35 years I’ve been playing and I’ve ended up being something of an accidental Martin collector. When people ask me what they should buy for their first guitar, I tell them to go straight to their nearest authorized Martin dealer and get a OO-15 or an OM-15.”

VIDEO: Wheel falls off race car and returns to its home

Autoblog: “In the ‘Easily Amused’ category for today is this video of an unfortunate racer who loses an all-important component — a tire (or tyre, if you’re so inclined to use the British spelling). The wayward appendage put on quite a show for the cameras, bouncing without interrupting the rest of the race and then lands in just about the funniest place possible — play the video to check it out.”