Labor Day Smoke (Part 2 of 4)

We’re in the home stretch. The brisket is finishing in the oven and is almost 205˚F. The house smells incredible! I puled the 1 pound “tip” of the tip from the smoker and chunked it up. It was too moist and tender for true burnt ends, but I placed added some barbecue sauce to a bowl and into the oven it went to braise.

The salmon is on–standard Northwoods seasoning from Penzey’s–and that means it will be ready around 6:45. I tried to cut the pieces into more even sized filets and ended up with a very thin piece from near the bottom of the fish. I doused it in Jerk seasoning and moved it to a cooler place on the top grate. The cooker is cruising along at 275˚F at this point and should make quick work of the fish.

What about the pork? It came off around 2PM and tasted delicious. I trimmed the fat from those cuts and put it and the juice (after they rested) into the baked beans.


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  1. I’m not a big fan of beef, but I have to say the brisket was amazing! Thanks for all your hard work. I feel like such a carnivore!

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