Labor Day Smoke (Part 1 of 4)

Here’s some quick notes on the Labor Day smoke I’m running:

* 5 pound brisket with the very tip cut off (1 pound) for burnt ends. It was placed on the smoker at 10AM straight from the refrigerator with all vents open on the cooker, trying to get the temp of the cooker to 240˚F.
* I used the Wet Rub for Brisket from the Virtual Weber Bullet site. The rub went on at 8PM last night to marinate.
* I’ll cook this for 6 to 8 hours and during that time I’ll add thick cut pork chops, baked beans and even salmon to this run.
* I’m using the Minion method of charcoal firing with small wood chips scattered throughout the charcoal. I’d use chunk, but I don’t have any.