TPM on Dean's Electability

TPM points out that Dean might not be the Dem that's nominated at the national convention. He
lists several valid points; I'd like to add another:

To the average voter, Dean will be old news by the national convention. He
will seem like an insider and no longer the dark horse that needs to be
supported. He won't be any different than any other Dem, just “internet
enabled”. It makes me wonder if the Clark campaign is on to something. Cam
Barrett said in a Chris Lydon interview (at 9:39) “we never were out of
contention in Iowa, we just publicly said we're not going to focus on it.”
He goes on to mention the lack of funds compared to Dean, I believe setting
up the campaign to be the underdog on purpose. No, Cam is not the
spokesperson of the campaign and probaby doesn't set strategy, but it does
make me pause.

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