Dave's colo solution

Our plans for hosting fell through. We have two great servers that should be ready to deploy this weekend or early next week, and nowhere to put them. We're looking for two U's of rack space in an easy drive from where we are. Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Watertown, Newton, Lexington, Waltham. We can afford reasonable monthly bandwidth costs. These boxes will serve weblogs and special-purpose aggregators, and over time new stuff Andrew and I (and others) develop. If you have suggestions, please send an email. Thanks. [Scripting News]

Dave, for you, I'll make you a deal. 2 rack units of space, $100 per rack unit. Includes bandwidth, IPs, colo rent, the works. I am starting a SmallCo ISP for friends and selected customers. You'd have access to a full T-1 of internet and me on call 24-7. What do you think?